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How long will my products stay fresh and what is the best way to store them?
23.10.2016, 22:25

Face Oil Mix and Make-up Remover... I recommend using my oil-based products within 6 months after opening. Unopened oil-based products will last up to 12 months if stored properly. Store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity and excess moisture.


Whipped Body Butter...Highly recommended to store it in a fridge and use it within 3 months since that i am not using any preservatives. To take out of a jar use dry clean spoon. Do not take it with your fingers direct from the jar.


Body Sugar Scrub... I recommend using my sugar scrub within 3 months. Avoid contact unused product with water. Take out of a container with dry hands. Store in cool dark place in closed jar out of heat, humidity and excess moisture.






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