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Soap Making Workshop from soap base

First time in Lebanon! I would like to announce about my Soap Making Workshops. This course is for beginners and we gonna create a beautiful unique soap from soap base in mini group of 3-4 people.
I have several options for this course for you: 

OPTION # 1. Mini workshop of soap creation from the melt-and-pour base. The duration of the lesson is 1-1,5 hour. During workshop i will introduce you all necessary ingredients and give you a fast briefing about soapmaking. In the practical part we will make with you 2 different soaps, which you can later present as a gift or keep for yourself. The price of this lesson is $ 20.

OPTION # 2. Intensive course lasting 3-4 hours. Cost $ 50 per person. During this course in the theoretical part you will get a basic knowledge of the basic properties of carrier and essential oils, you will understand how to choose ingredients for different types of skin. Get information about typical mistakes to avoid it in your work. Next we will begin the practical part: and we will try various techniques for creating handmade soap from the soap base. During the course we will start with simple methods of filling, gradually moving to more complex techniques and will produce 5-6 different handmade soap variants.

During the workshop you will get all necessary ingredients which are included already in the price:

- soap base
- Base vegetable oils
- more than 10 kind of fragrances
- additional ingredients (dried flowers, clay white, blue, pink, green, cocoa, oats, coconut chips, poppy seeds, coffee, etc.)
- dyes
- Pigments
- glitters
- more than 15 molds for soap.
And also all the necessary tools and related materials will be provided.

Only what you need to bring with you is an apron and a notebook with a pen for notes.

Also after the lesson you will be able to purchase the necessary materials for self-making soap at home.

Approximately the date of the first lesson is scheduled for August 23 at 10 am. Later I will announce about specific dates and times. Reservation is a must. Please contact me for available seats.

Location: Mazraa Street, opposite the Russian Embassy. The exact route plan and parking place will be put out later and will be sent to all participants.

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